Board of Director Members

The Piranhas Swim Club is a non-profit organization that is lead and driven by dedicated volunteers.  Volunteering with the Piranhas is very rewarding work that supports our young swimmers.  Volunteering with the club also provides a great opportunity to teach and demonstrate important personal and team oriented values.

Our 2014/2015 Board of Directors  

Sara Benson and Jon Siebert

president (at)

Past President
Sara Benson and Jon Siebert 


Club Registrar
Heather Strosher
registrar (at)


Vice President
Terry Rankin
vicepresident (at)


Director of Coaching Liaison
Marc Henley and Melissa Drolet
coach liaison (at)


Karen Burton

secretary (at)


Director of Fundraising
Petra and Andrew Blondeau

fundraising (at)


Martin Pedersen

treasurer (at)


Director of Swim Meets
Carly Hunter and Melissa Drolet

meetentries (at)


Director of Marketing
Ashli Sharpe

marketing (at)


Director Members at large
Christine Etele, Nancy Shears and Stephanie Wakefield

Head Coach
Molly Heaney-Corns

headcoach (at)